Kaylyn Laviera

The career I am researching is lawyer.

Tasks: Lawyers make arguments; give people and company’s advice and interviews. Also they make legal documents and they also trial in courts.

Level of education required: They will need a license from the State if they want to work. They will need a college degree and also need to go to law school for 3 years. Plus they will also need to pass the bar examination. Through out of the schooling you will have to maintain high grades.

Salary: The average salary is 124,750 dollars. The starting pay for a law firm peaks around 130,000. Becoming a lawyer comes with a lot of benefits such as they get to have four weeks paid time off, comprehensive health, dental and vision plans including domestic partner coverage, life term disability insurance, long term care plan and more.

Future prospects/ chances of getting this job: For this job opening should be keen because a lot of students graduate from law school each year. Admissions to most law school are very intense. In 2008 there were 759,200 lawyers. There are about 26% were self - employed.

Average hours spent on the job: Lawyers that are private practice or those who work in a very large law firms work different hours including weekends. Lawyer’s often working long hours, people that work full time, are 33% to 50% or more hours per week.

High school: There is no single way of becoming a lawyer. There is a lot of studying and you will be able to be strong academics and be able to achieve to have good grades.

College or other education/ training: Becoming a l wyer usually takes 7 years of studying after high school. Including 4 years of undergraduate study, followed by 3 year of law school. Students must have a bachelor to qualify for admission.