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How does nicki minaj have affect over teens?

Nicki Minaj dominates the female rap industry.She is 29 and has effects teens in various ways. Some ways she affect teens is positive and negative . For example some positive ways is that she gives empowerment, and gives a sense of style. A negitive way is at she represent sex.

Onika Tanaya Maraj is a young female rapper known as Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is Trinidadian born American rapper and also song rapper. Nicki Minaj birthday is Dec 08, 1982. She went to LaGuardia High School. Then from there she released a mixtape of her songs. And from there Lil Wayne discovered her. She became apart of Young Money Entertainment. In Young Money Entertainment Nicki Minaj did two collaborations which was in Bed Rock and also Rodger That. In August 31, 2009 Nicki Minaj had power in her label meaning she authorization in doing anything she wanted such as sponsorship, endorsements and touring. From there she released an album calling Pink Friday, some songs include right thru me, moment for life which ft drake and super bass. Then she made an album which was Roman Reloaded some songs include roman reloaded, starships and also stupid hoe.

Nicki Minaj has postive affect on teens is that she a role model. Three different example are
Nicki Minaj bassically studied that she had alot of obstacles that she had to over-come. For example Minaj said she had nothing to fall back on. that she doing this for herself. In the male dominate business. She became successful because her gender is limited. People dont think she is good enough to be a female rapper. But studies show that she is the most dominate rapper since the last 15 years.
In the 2nd article http://petalsnbelles.org/pnbblog/blog/p-news-style-icon-nicki-minaj/

Nicki Minaj is a role model because of style. Nicki believes that "fashion is what we wear". Fashion has no real definition is what you make it. I strongly believe Minaj is an inspiration to girls to be them-selves. Because she a significant artist. For example she goes to red carpet events wearing weird things to show don't be afraid of what people say about her. I think that shows courage because she does what she wants in a positive way and that the type of role model that teens need.
According to final example http://possibilitiesmagazine.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/nicki-minaj-for-the-youth/
Nicki is a role model because she express herself in her verse. So she can be related to. For example in Hello Goodmorning. She stated she reach the top, that she is doing it for the youth. I feel that she make sure the public understands that she is role model because she doesnt give up.

Nicki Minaj negitive effect she has is that she represents sex in three different examples according to
In Nicki Minaj grew up aaround her idols which were female rappers, such as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. They started rapping about sex. So Nicki Minaj was influence by her idols and trying to work on her sex appeal and her lyrics. Also she started that young women should know that nothing is based of sex appeal. You have to have dedication and something to go with it.
In the 2nd article
"African American studies took an interview with second generation. Jamaican girl Amanda 15 years old. Amanda reflected well she good at marketing and selling records but I don't think I'd go about it in the same way as her because she uses a lot of sex to sell her image". I feel that she should just find other ways to sell her business with out using sex, because she sending the wrong message to teens. And its having an effect over them. I believe that teens is getting the wrong message that she trying to send,
The Last article http://cleverspeaks.com/wordpress/
At the age of 29 nicki minaj use her sex appeal in music for example baddest bitch. The public notice she her language innapropitely. But Nicki Minaj is still young she can change her image by having "girl power" based of her fans.

Another positive effect that she have over teens is http://www.racialicious.com/2012/02/23/nicki-minaj-the-flyest-feminist/
She empowers queer youth, Nicki minaj have alter ego. For example one of her egos is Roman Zolanski, he is a homosexual expression which is counter ego is demonic purpose. Roman is an angry colorful with a evil twist. He was born in London, England. She had alter egos to relate to differnt people in society. That is going through differnt situations.
A second example is http://www.refinery29.com/nicki-miaj-complex-magazine
Nicki Minaj stated "Im doing it to prove that I can do it. To prove to myself that I dont have to settle for less because im a female rapper or because im balck. To me i think she does everything she can do to succeded in life. Critics says she over the top. But the people/ public is into it. Nicki Minaj is very determine and does everything in her power to do well.
Last articlehttps://scripps.endplay.com/web/kjrh/dpp/entertainment/celebrity/Minaj-hopes-to-set-up-female-empowerment-foundation_14852049
Nicki Minaj helping female fans roads of success in super bass she stress the importance education & safe sex. She wants the youth to be successful that why she wants to set up a female empowerment organization.

In conclusion i feel that Nicki Minaj have an affect over teens in positive and negative ways. She shows some empowerment for teens to be them selves. And also shows some type of role model for theses teens. But some negative effect is that she represents to much sex. Based off that I think that she change that because to many kids look up to her. But if you think about it sex appeal sells. Nicki Minaj is working in a male dominate business.