As an admission officer, I ranked Williams TEARS in this order. SAT’s, Trans-Scrip, Activities , Essay and Recommendation .
Why I think this is more better this way, because most colleges want to see how you do on the most important test to get into the college of your choice . Also they want to see your grades before than can judge you on you test taking skills. Activities is like something they want to see if you’re really responsibilities to keep a job or other things you do after school , or on your spare time like the summer and if your lead something like a team or a club . They love leaders! In the essay they want to learn more about YOU! , Not anybody else just you, So what can they accept out of you . And your Recommendation, They want to know what others think of you , Like the people who really know you well in your academic kind of way .

William Santos :
William's SAT's Are great , also they are above average .
His Tran scrip is not all the great , He has an upward trend from 9'th all the way to his senior year 12'th Grade , But that means his grades were not that good but as he went up his grades got better .
His Activities were great, He participated in after schools , comic clubs and in film clubs . He also took care of his dog, worked in Fanta's Hardware store and AMC Movie theater .
His Essay was not even all that great , because he did not give many examples about him only why his grades were messed up!
His Recommendation, His teachers talks about how great and bright he is and he has great SAT scores.

Jasmine Duke :
Jasmine's SAT scores were not so great, she could of done really better and work hard!
Her grades were great and really did not get off track on anything, but did her work and got good grades
Her Activities were good , she participated in the drama club for her 4 years in high school , Also participated in a knitting club . For her home responsibilities’ she was in her church choir and a scripture reader . He also worked as a tour guide and a tour guide.
He Essay was not really interesting because IT WAS NOT ABOUT HER! Only her mother and how she takes really care of her and what does she does for a living .
Her Recommendation was excellent, her counselor gave more the details about jasmine and how she takes her time and how to balance her work and still gets her to understand it .

Kayla Serrano:
Kayla's SAT scores are not all that good, because it’s right there but she could of done better !
Her grades were excellent, she has not been of track in her years of high school , And she's above average
She really did not even tried to do well on her activities , she did participated in jamming cares club . In home responsibilities’ she walked her brother to school every morning and worked in dunking dounuts.
Her Essay was really interesting and had a good hook , because she wrote about how she struggle at first of her freshman year . Also she wrote how she really tried hard to get her grades up and how to understand the work she's doing !

Roman Polanco:
His SAT’s ere not that great and they were very low , he could of done better and were below average
His grades were good but not that great , he had an upward trend in all grades since 9th grade to his senior year
His Activities were good, he participated in a debate club , innovation cares and a Portuguese club .His home Activities , he volunteered in a soup kitchen , Innovation cares and helped to clean up at the park. His work experience was working in a restaurant and a taco shop .
His essay was good , it talked about how he cares for an awareness and sticks to it . Also shows how he has friends to keep motivating him to keep on doing what makes him achieve his goal.
His recommendation was really good; his counselor told how he works hard in school and really tries’ to get his work done. Also talks about what he does outside of school, and opportunities handed to him and also proud of his work he does.

In Conclusion, I really pick William Santos because, He really have excellent SAT’s scores and a really god Transcript. To me, I really think you’re SAT and your Transcript is really important because your grades and your test for going to a good college is really important. William has really good SAT scores and maybe he had an upward trend but he really had good grades as he went in a new grade , And that’s why I pick William Santos to be In my University Aicha High (:*