Ahmad Serrano
PG & Jeff

Poor nutrition leads to many serious health issues. Obesity and other medical problems are caused by the substances found in unhealthy foods. Like hamburgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Unhealthy foods affect people’s lives in the following ways: 1 eating junk food can cause u to gain weight and takes a lot of energy away from you, 2 unhealthy foods can cause disease and other medical conditions like heart attacks. 3 buying fast food can take a lot of money out of people’s pockets, compared to buy your own ingredients to make your own food but with a greater portion of left overs. Overall junk food should be kept to a minimum and people should have a balanced diet.
Fast food causes children to eat more and gain more weight. Children want to eat McDonalds and Burger king because there food tastes really . But there food causes people to get fat and lazy with no energy to do what they like.

Children are growing fatter at an alarming rate and a nationwide obesity problem is occurring. According to SuregonGeneral.org “the percentage of overweight children is very high. 1 out of 3 children in the United States is currently obese” And other health issues are following that trend. Another article from Overweight and Obesity: states "that over 300,000 people died from being obsessed. And in the year 1999 61% of adults were obese. That’s half the nation and many people are dying showing that people need to start eating health, or suffer the consequences for being obsessed."

Junk food can cause people to gain weight and have very serious medical conditions like diabetes, heart attacks and strokes along with other health issues. Unhealthy foods lead to an unhappy life with terrible effects. An article name Fast Food habits stated “people that eat fast food daily are more likely to have medical conditions. 36% of people were saying that they had a heart attack and eat fast food at least once a week. Only 16% of the people who were asked how much they eat junk food and had the heart attacks stopped but 20% continued eating McDonalds and its competitors at least weekly.” People that visit fast food restaurants at least once a week are more than likely to gain weight and have heart attacks. An article from junk foods affects stated that “junk food doesn’t contain the nutrients your body needs to stay active. As a result you might feel fatigued and have no energy to complete daily task. The high sugars found in junk food can put your metabolism under stress. Being unable to produce insulin will result in you being unable to prevent dangerous blood spikes.”
Eating junk food doesn’t also cause you to gain weight and become at risk to suffer major health issues. It also causes you to spend a lot of money for food that you can’t re cook and you’re buying small portions of food. Is junk food cheaper stated that “buying junk food is more expensive compared to buying food and making a home cooked meal. For instance buying meal from McDonalds costs about $28, compared to serving roasted chicken with salad and milk for only $14. Fast food can be very expensive and very unhealthy. An article $20 food showdown states how “buying junk food and fast food for a month can cost you $115, compared to spending $111 a month for healthy food.” Even though you're paying a lot for health meals you get more food and you stay healthy. Buying junk food can cause you spend more money for unhealthy foods while healthy food can save your cash and keep you healthier.obese kids.jpg

Poor nutrition takes a big toll on everyone and can cause you to gain weight and become obese also causes health issues. A unbalanced diet can cause you to gain weight and 300,000 people in the usa are currently obsessed. All those people can suffer a stroke or other serious problems. Another issue due to eating unhealthy food is having a heart attack and other health problems. 20% of people that had heart attacks still continued eating McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. All thought fast food might taste good it cost a lot of money. junk food can make you spend $115 a month, while healthy food saves not only your money but gives you a bigger proportion of food