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Yale University
Location:New haven ,ct
(how good do your grades have to be ,what test do you need to takean how do you need to do it,how is there finacial aid and how much does the school cost )
Getting into Yale University is a competitive school to get into .Yale University accepts 7% of the student that apply.This basically is expressing competition is fierce and your grades most be very high.The lowest grade that you can recive is a B-.There are two test that are madatory to part take for admission which is the SAT'S and the ACT'S.You ave to do extremly well to get into such a competitive school.The finacial aid for this school is 53,000,when including a dorm space the cost totals to 57,000.Although this is such a high amount for college I know that the school is willing to meet me one houndred percent of the way.

The rating that I give this school is five stars this is because I enjoy the competitiveness which means I know I will be with other students who are just as serious as I am about my education.
(majors that school has,class sizes,access to profesors ,special programs)
The academics at Yale university are really great.Yale contains many diffrent majors that I enjoy which happen to make it to there top six majors which are social science,history,interdiscplinary studies,biology,english,psychology ,visual and peforming arts and ethic studies.The class size are mid size which means chances of me getting one on one time with the teacher are very likely .Class sizes at a ratio are 7 to 1and 75 % of the classes have less the 20 and only 2% are more then 100.There are also many different special programs such as majors,honors,internship,accelerated program etc.

The rating that I give this sectiion is a five this is because I can get alot of one on one time with the teacher with kids who I know will be serious about there education and there are also many different majors that I can take part in that I will actually enjoy.

(student life at the school,housing,fraternities and soroities,sports)

Yale university contains soroities as well as fraternities this is great bacause I can have a group of people of my same racial back round to relate to and disscuss things about our culter.Yale also is a school full of many sports such as hockey,soccer,rolling crew ,softball,swimming,track and field,wrestling, figure skating kung fu even as well as fencing etc.which makes this even better is that all sports are in deed unisex.There are also work out buildings which allow the students to stay fit and healthy.

The rating that I give this school is five stars this is because they give you many options to choose from and I can try new things

(My comfort level getting back and forth ,demographics,setting)

The comfort level for my self at Yale is good .That because when it comes to commuting I know that I am only a few hours away from home which means I am spending less money on gas.Also the school is easy to get around with maps and other resources when it some to making your way to study halls and speaking to teachers.My ethnicity at this school is pretty comfortable because its sixteen percent which means that I can be around people of my back ground and also be with others. This school is highly diverse with sixteen percent of asians,seven percent of black and african american nine percent hispanic /latino one percent native /hawiian fourty nine percent white six percent are two or more races and there are nineteen percent non resident.

The rating that I give this category is a five star there are plenty of new races to encounter your self with and im not to far from home and get to save money as oppose to going to a college somewhere far like florida .Also yale was located in a urban setting which im used to and can shop on days when I want to get away or just have some fun .Yale is highly a school I am interested in going to and I know I will get in I just can't wait.

This picture underneath is called the Woolsey Hall at Yale university