Shakespeare History on How it Impacted Todays World

Is it possible today to be a theatre major and not know the value or history of it . Questions must feel your head everyday on how much has theatre developed overtime .As far back as shakespeare even .Well no longer will you have to wonder I will teach you all there is to know about shakespeare time and how theatre has changed dramatically since then.Also how it impacts our world today and who does it affect .

William shakespeare

Who was William shakespeare
First allow me to express to you who shakespeare why and why he played such a important role in theatre history. William shakespeare was baptised on april 26,1564 and past away on april 23 ,1616 .He was a english poet and play wright .Shakespeare was known as the greatest writer of all time now although that is a oppinion and has potiential to be argued little to no people would disagree with that statment. Shakespeare had many collaborations that consited up to 38 play wrights .Shakespeare was only age 18 when he married and had three children . Shakespeare plays were manly commedies and histories genres .Shakespeare was well know but his plays were not as important till the 19 century.
What was allowed and not allowed in the time of shakespeare?
Imagine today going to a braodway production and being allowed to yell and scream on to the stage and that be okay .Well more the likely that would be a disturbance to to the peace and other audiecne ,as for back in the years of shakespeare people were allowed to yell scream .The sound of the audience contributed to the sound of a live rock band as we know of today . Now of course you are able to do what ever you want able to yell and scream today but im sure that more then likely today you would be kindly escorted out of the theatre .During shakespeares time theatre was know as a disturbance of religion . It was made known that people no longer played interest in thire religion and became more interested in what theatre had to show . Theatre was manly frowned on by the Puritan authorities. As time went on people begin to take moe interest in theatre and it became more popular then ever . Theatre was considered a "den of iniquity ." Shakespeares play would be done six days out of the week not to mention plays were only rehearsed a couple times before actually going on to the stage to perform. Not knowing must of the lines and having to improvise on what might make sense with the theme of the play .Going on stage and just having to trust the other actors that everything would go as planned .That takes alot of responsbllity and courage . As for today in out plays and musicals we have people to designn costumes and work on lighting and other props that a actor might need but during shakespeares time the actors also played the role in helping out with costumes .There was also no need for any stage lighting most plays used natural light from out side of the theatre or in the park where some plays would take placel
CE169649_429long.jpg (400×400)
CE169649_429long.jpg (400×400)

The Globe theater :where most of the plays took place and the view of the natural lighting in the air so people would be able to see one another .
You were allowed to eat in the theatre!
Yes you were allowed to eat in the theatre when at a shakespeare show it was not prohibited at all .Being able to eat whatever and when ever also being allowed to drink all the liquids you can think of and not having to be kicked out of the theatre for it. As fro today we have to eat and drink during intamition at the theatre so that this way no crumbs and liquids will be spilled in side of the theatre . There were little to no rules during shakespeare time . People were free willed and able to be as open as they choose to be . Despite all the excitment of being apart of a shakespeare play there is also a down side .Women were not allowed to participate in the plays .Men would usally wear wigs and dresses in away to descise the women characters . Although today this may sem unusall back then this was considered normal .Women were expected to be home cooking ,cleaning keeping up with religious views and taking care of the children .As for today we realized we need women to play there roles and women should have the right to part take in other activities besides cooking and cleaning in the house.
cooking_dinner.jpg (630×353)
cooking_dinner.jpg (630×353)

As a result you can see that shakespeare has had a large impact on out lives today . Although it has changed in many ways it is obvious that people were hard workers and worked hard to get us where we are today . Now we are able to pay for and enjoy a nice show with out worrying about the noise level and animals eating the left over foods under the seat from the last people who were there .Although shakespeare does continues to live on , you can find it almost anywhere today children are doing it fathers are doing it and most importantly mothers are also involved with shakespeare.We also are able to rehearse plays now way before hand this way we can be prepared and really get the feel of our characters as oppose to just playing a role on stage and not really understanding . Plays today may also fit your timing schedule and allow you to be able to see it at different times of the day without having to constantly worry about getting the early show to be able to have good lighting in the theater .

t o be or not to be
Looking up to the sky for inspiration
but foward to remember my destinatioitn
where is motivation
it comes from those who came before me
who open up the door for me the
stage no longer slanted
moments like this i swear i would never take for granted
hold it to my hand splits
the stage is empty the lights flash in to my eyes
there is no suprise there being on this stage is my last fear
living and saying lines without a care
brown eyes and long hair glare back at me
what a smile i would dare to see on the face of a women with the same opportunity
to make a change with starting something so little in there community
there will be unity
i pay for a a 70 dollar show to see the beauty
of the art work as their eyes meet out below
is it worth a picture not perfect
yet painted so clear
us actors will dance ,on the stages
full of many different races

Theatre has played a large role also on the young students of today's time so I decided to dig deeper to get a better understanding of what the students of my high school thought on the subject of shakespeare and theatre and how it has impacted there lives today in our society. There were many different opinions on this subject . As for me I know that i am more then grateful to have a place where i can go to express my self through the arts .The first theater production i have ever took part in was Shakespeare 's famous play known as "midnight summers dream . remember that feeling I had when being on stage knowing i am playing a role that would have been played by a male dressed as a women every word was meaning full and deep .Shakespeare not only developed time but he also changed peoples way of thinking and history for ever.
Interviewing students from the ninth grade class of innovation high school, this is what they had to say
external image Innovation_Photo.jpg

what do you think about theatre today?

shailia vaden; I think theatre todaay is good and very intereesting . this is because the ideas they come up with for plays are different
How has theatre changed since shakespeare
today must plays are not about love or death

Chris uzzel : i believe that since shakespeare set the bar so high ,people wil try as hard to go up to shakespeare level but only feew have , Shakespeare was a play write master and now everyone once to be like him , few things were perfect in this life and i believe Shakespeare was one of them .Plays have had a positive impact by allowing people to step outside of there own lives and be someone else for a change .

Jessica Medina :I feel grate full that women have the rigth to be able to do the things men could do and this gives women more freedom , A latie actress that i look up to is Elizabeth Taylor and Angela Basset the reason i feel this way is because shes been in the business for many years and she still gets into the character

Billy Gonzalez : sexuall bias was not right ,Women have just as much or greater talent as men ,women can get more in touch with their emotions then men because i am a young man i know women don' t express their feeling as much as a women ,most female actors have better understanding. A male actor that look up to is johny deeep he really gets into character
Nate : well i personaly i feel times have chn alot and now woen can have a greater opportunity its unfair when people cant do what they love to do and discrimination is unjust

Hillary : to be or not to be means to me ,not to be afraid to be your self

what does the qoute to be or not to be mean to you

Billy gonzalez : i always ask my self this ,this question can go both ways .but you can change it this question is a big part of life more then just a expression its a impotant motto

Melina : for me i think this is a good thing i can express my self in the ways that i want to , Im usually a shy person a actress that i loook up to is Johny deep this is because he can go into any kind of character and very bi polar .to be or not to be means to be something and follow through with it or not to do it at all

what does the qoute of Shakespeare love is a sweet sorrow mean toy you

christen : this means to me is love can have really good relationships or they could start having bad relationships that dont last

James Reyes : this means to me when you love someone something bad may happen which will be a sorrow , This would be a sweet sorrow because in love everything is sweet but to get to the person you love you must make hard decisions

As a result you can see that student have strong opinions on what they believe Shakespeare has done for them and how it has impacted there lives and gave them opportunity .This also allows children to expand there thinking on the quotes that shakespeare once said ,That we may never fully understand but we can have the power to comprehend it into out own meanings and allow it to make us expand our thinking and view on the world today .

Something extra (poem from Shakespeare )

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