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Lawyers have a lot of responsibilities. Lawyers help write laws and write and review legal documents and contracts. They also represent their company or Government department in court. Also Lawyer prepare a legal strategy to use in court. A lawyer gives advice to people and companies, they also tell people what they can and can't do under the law.

Level of Education Required

After High School if you want to become a lawyer, you must go to school for seven more years to become a Lawyer. First you must complete 4 years of college and get a bachelors degree. Then after graduating college you must complete 3 years of law school. The last step into becoming a Lawyer is to get licensed. In order to do this you must take the bar exam. You must take this exam and pass it. After that you are officially a Lawyer. Also if you move to another state, for example lets say your a lawyer in New York but then you decide you want to live in Massachusetts, you have to take the bar exam again to become a lawyer in that state because each state has their own license and bar exam to become a lawyer.

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Lawyers earn a lot of money but it really depends who they represent and work for. Below is a chart about a Lawyers peak salary and their employer.





of Companies and Enterprises


Federal Executive Branch


Legal Services


Local Government


State Government


Below is a chart about a lawyers yearly salary 9 months after graduating from law school and getting licensed.




All Graduates


Private Practice









Lawyers do get benefits, they get health insurance, and they get many things added to their retirement plans. Other lawyers who are self employed are only get benefits if they pay for these benefits themselves.

Future Prospects/Chances of getting this job

Employment of Lawyers is expected to grow 13% during the decade of 2008-2018. It's expected to grow because in the future their will be more criminal cases, companies will need lawyers to represent them, and their will be people that need lawyers to review contracts/legal documents, or give them advice to tell them what they can and can't do under the law. Getting employed to become a lawyer is getting harder. Law school graduates with better grades from very good law schools will have the best job opportunities. Also employers are looking for graduates who have advanced law degrees and experience in a specialty like tax, or admiralty law.

Average Hours Spent on the job

Lawyers work long hours, and Lawyers that work full time, 33% of those Lawyers work 50 hours or more per week. Lawyers have structured work hours. Lawyers who work in large firms may work irregular hours. This means that they work with different schedules every day and sometimes work on weekends doing research, meeting with clients, and preparing briefs while they are not working.

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High School

If you want to be Lawyer you must take Humanities, Social Studies, History, English, and Mathematics in High School. Other Additional Courses you could take are Economic's, Communications, Debate, Foreign Language, and Government. If you take these courses you must do well in them in order to get into a good College.

College and other Education/Training

After High School you must go to college to at least get a bachelor's degree. Also if you want to become a lawyer you don't have to take Pre-law in college, you could major in other things. When you graduate from college you must go to Law school for 3 years and in order to get the best job opportunities you should try and get the highest grade possible. When you finally graduate from law school you must get Licensed to become a lawyer. In order to do this you must take the bar exam (each state has their own bar exam). When you pass the bar exam and get licensed, you can go get a job at a Law firm, a Law firm is a office where you work with other lawyers.

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