Persuasive Essay

I am in favor that schools start at a later time for the following 3 reasons. First School should start later because it will give students more time to sleep. Also it will increase student's academic performance Lastly it will also improve student's physical health. Personally I want school to start later because I want more time to sleep.

Main Point:1

The first reason that School should start is because students want to get more sleep. Studies show that students want to get more sleep each day. Students sleep in class because they lack sleep each day. Students sleep in class because of their Melanin hormone which regulates a teenagers sleep and because of this hormone students won't want to get up at least until 8am. In my opinion I don't want to get up until 10am. My school starts at 9am I wake up at 7:30 each morning, so that this way I have time to take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and then head out a 8:45. But when I get into class I still feel very sleepy. If school were to start at 10 or even at 11, I would feel more awake and I don't have my head down in class. If school were to start later, students would have more time to sleep and feel more awake ready to learn each day.

Main Point:2

If school were to start later in the day it would increase student's academic performance. Since students feel sleepy in class because they are quiet. When I go to class in the morning the class is quiet until 10 or 11 o'clock. Also since students get up early just to get ready for school they go to school sleepy. Which means that the lack of sleep makes attention defects. Attention defects means that students aren't able to pay attention in class as much as they should. This will make a student more likely to get Distracted in class more easily. For example lets say that I'm in class and I feel sleepy then I see a boat in the East River, I'll stop paying attention to the teacher and start to look at the boat and daydream. Also if you are sleepy you are more likely to forget things more easily. For example lets say a teacher wants you to repeat something, I get called on and I forget because I was sleepy and/or I got distracted by something. So my point is that If school were to start later in the day it will get student's more focused and less distracted in class which means that a student will do better in class and get a higher grade.

Main Point:3

If school were to start later in the day it will increase a student's physical health. Studies show that when a student gets a good night sleep they are healthier than the average person who doesn't get enough sleep each night. I know when I wake up in the morning after a good night sleep I feel more energized. Most student's that lack sleep each night are more likely to get diabetes, get obese, and have high blood pressure. Many experts believe that the lack of sleep alter the level of hormones in the body and puts more stress on the body. When students get up early to go to school and go to sleep late, they may eat more if they got a reasonable amount of sleep. Now when a student is tired they may go buy energy drinks, drinks high in sugar, or coffee to give them a boost of energy. If a student does this frequently they are at risk of health problems. What I am trying to say is that if school were to start later in the day, student's physical health will improve because they get more sleep each day and it will reduce a student's chance of having a serious health problem.

Counter Argument #1

One counter argument against school starting later in the day are the effects on extracurricular activities. Some people say that students who participate in sports, music groups, tutoring, and other programs meet for a couple of hours after school. Now if school were to start later in day these programs will get pushed to later in the day. Also it will make it harder for students to participate in these after school programs, study, do their homework, participate in social activities, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. This is not true because most students don't have anything to do after school, instead students will still go to their sports team, tutoring if they need it, or other programs. Some students will just go because their friends go or to hang out with their friends.

Counter Argument #2

Another counter argument against school starting later in the day is that the school bus schedule may get mixed up. Many schools use the same school bus to transport elementary school students and Middle or High school students. If school were to start later in the day elementary schools would also need to start later in the day, or they will have to invest into hiring new bus drivers to transport Middle and/or High school students. School starting later in the won't affect the bus drivers schedule because all the schools should start later in the day so that all the bus schedules will look as if school was starting early in the morning.