Aicha Persuasive Essay

Name Of College : Clark University
Location :

Getting In ( grades and tests you need to get in , financial aid )
Clark university is a very competive school and also hard to get in to , there's another way you can get in to clark univesity . They can offer you Interships and they have a prgram that helps the students get every credit for for there major . Its called the masters program , you have to take SAT's and other test called that SAT subject test and have to do well . They can also give you a full paid scholarships . It will coast 37,000 and they meet , which is pretty good .
Rating - 4 stars because i really dont like the masters program .

Acedemics are really good at clark . The school is about pretty big , with about 2,317 undergrauates . This means while the classes are big ( 70 students per class room ) Most if the students get less attention . Mostly there area few hunderd graduates , some undergraduates get the help they need . Clark university has many majors for exsact maybe 100 and or create your own major , one student made a engerniring and cooking major for exsample .
Clark does not have a core curriculum , while some colleges reqiure you to take 2 math chorses , four sceince chorses and so on , clark lets you choose on what classes you will like to take . as long as you meet your state pass or fial .
Rate - 5 stars because I like the way they tell you , you can choose your own major and choose your classes .

Student life
Clark university has many life styles options for your social life . the campus is a urban setting and its residential , so most of there activites and there live shows take place on campus . there are many campus activites you can choose from likie drama , and intermurals . For the first yaer at Clark university you are requeried to live on campus , 98% live on campus for the first year and 71% of all undergruates live on campus .You can move of campus for the rest of the time you there , the dorms are nothing really . They have co-ed dorms and also are clean . There are lots of afinity groups . There are 18% of students that are in Fraternites/ sororities .
In sports , Clrak is a divison 3 school and they have many sports you can play, they get to play with other colleges or other kids for fun .
Rate - 5 stars because I love how they have co-ed dorms and its also clean . Also they have sorities .

Even though the campus is in an urban setting , there are many stores

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