Ashley Harmon June 22.2012

The Next Music Video
I am not really sure why I am so obsessed with music. I don't even know how or when I started to be obsessed with music. But it must've been when I was younger. The Furthest I can go back into my memory is when I was about five years old and I really enjoyed listening to the theme songs of Disney shows like Rollie Pollie Ollie and my other childhood shows.When i was younger everything was about Disney.I was always waiting for the next music video to come on so i could write it down.Just recently i found a 1st of songs that i wrote when i was probably 12 years old with the oldest Disney music written down from Like "The Cheetah Girls, Jump In or even "High School Musical “when I wrote down song i would always hide it from myself and find it like a week or month later. I guess since I really was into music when i was younger it followed me up into my older ages.

3 different subjects
At first i was into acting a lot more than music. I see my favorite celebrities like Selena Gomez and Zendaya Coleman.... i also always loved to dance but at this point i only enjoyed acting. But over time i noticed my favorite celebrities were not only acting but they were singing AND Dancing! 3 timer huh? It was really cool to see my celebrities "Striking While the Iron Was Hot “I then choose music as my most favorite subject to do. Not only do i like listening to music but i like to sing which pertains to music in ALOT of ways! All throughout Junior and Middle School everything i would talk about would be about music and Disney Channel. I always talk about the Jonas Brothers Show and every time they would play a new song in the episode i would write it down.

New Music New People
I remember on the first day of high school i was so nervous. In an awkward way other students knew other people already. I remember at lunch we all just sat together since we didn’t know each other we sat anywhere. I had my little i-pod with me and Mindless Behavior was on.Lenisha (i didn’t know her at the moment) had said,” Oh you like Mindless Behavior too?" i told her yeas and ever since that day we talk about them every single day. Any news update we heard about the group we told each other. Even when new Mindless Behavior songs and music videos come out we tell each other about it.It was music that let us meet each other even when she was a stranger to me!

A Karaoke and CD's
On my 10Th birthday my mom took me to get my hair done when i got back home she surprised me with a surprise High School Musical Birthday Party .I was sooo happy my mom bought me a Karaoke machine!!! She also bought me 3 CD's Radio Disney, High school Musical and The Cheetah girls. This is probably my favorite Birthday memory. We took pictures and everyone in the family was there! I think this as the day i realized my love of music. Doors started to open up in my mind of becoming a singer or some other important career having to do with my!

One step closer
I've told my family members multiple times I’d like to grow up to be a singer. They all said the same "It’s not going to be easy “One day my 12 year old cousin came up with the Idea of A.K.A a group that stands for the initials of our names (including my other cousin Alexis)
Alexis Kaila Ashley. It’s really fun working with my cousins make music dances and writing out scripts. We are still working on our first one but we all just really like rehearsing and spending time together. The last thing we have to do is write songs and make a music video which will draw us one step closer. For people to know what A.K.A is.