Diamond Mitchell
Social Worker

According to the link a Social worker is a person who helps people deal with issues such as domestic problem, and help people find homes and jobs. Other related jobs to a Social Worker is Welfare Social workers, Child Protected services Social workers, and Public and Mental health Social workers etc. A Social worker is licensed to give advice, counsel and support people who are dealing with physical or emotional problems, or even social or family problems. If you want to be a Social worker you can specialize in many different types of social work. But a Social worker spends a portion of their time in a office. You also need transportation to have one- on- one client meetings.

Level of Education required:
To be a Social worker you need to have at least a Bachelors degree to be a Social worker. A Bachelors degree can get you a entry- level position to be a Social worker. You can get a Master of social work (MSW) to prepare you for non- profit and profit sectors. The most degree required id the doctoral degree for social work (DSW). Not only can this get you a job with social services but you can also can get a Teaching Profession. After your 4- years in college you are required to do training in the type of social work you want to do based on this link.

Social workers salariesare based on their type of social work. The most common is the Individual and Family Services. A social worker in that field can make entry- level average of $37,120 and the peek average of $61,170 per year. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social workers salary is supposed to increase 16% from 2008- 2018. I was not able to find the health benefits for a Social worker but usually they get vacation pay and a health plan.

Future Prospects/ chances of getting this job:In the link it states that this job has the most common minimum requirements to be a Social worker. Employment for a Social worker are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018. So, this means you are likely to get this job. It is said that it is more of a competition to be a social worker in a urban area than an rural area. But, qualified people have little difficulty finding jobs.

Average hours spent on the job:Based on the link a Social worker work an average of 400 hours on the field of supervised experience.

High School:The only thing you need from high school to be a Social worker is to have your high school diploma.

College or other education/ training:To be a Social worker you need at least a bachelors degree to have an entry- level job as a Social worker. You can also a masters degree and a Ph. D to be a Social worker. A Doctoral degree is the highest degree you can get to be a Social worker. To get your Ph. D in social work you need to pass all the requirements and you need to pass an inital exam. Also, you are obligated to take training for the type of social work you want to do.

Licensure: Only in some places you are required to have a License according to this link.